There is still a risk of persons getting COVID-19, so to minimize this risk at this time, everyone must follow these rules and where possible maintain social distance.
1. The Board strongly encourages everyone over 16 to receive the COVID vaccinations.
2. Face masks, not a face shield, must be worn (except for medical exemptions) in the school except when playing an instrument. When not playing an instrument a mask is to be worn. Players are encouraged to have a mask that can be worn while playing an instrument. Google masks for playing instruments to see where these masks are commercially available.
3. Where possible maintain six feet social distance. This will be difficult to do with the number of people in the classroom, but maintain as much space between people as possible.
4. Brass instruments must have some type of cloth covering over the bell. This can be a piece of material secured over the bell or a commercial bell cover. Google COVID instrument covers to see where commercial covers are available.
5. Flutes and piccolos must be equipped with a flute air shield. Google flute air shield to see where these can be purchased.
6. It would be nice if the woodwind players had a bag to cover their instruments while playing. Sources for these bags can be found by googling COVID instrument covers.

The Murray School District requires that anyone in it’s schools must wear a mask except when playing an instrument. Anyone with a medical exemption to wearing a face mask must bring a copy of the doctor’s medical exemption for the band to have on file. Utah’s statewide mask mandate will end April 10 under a law passed by the State Legislature, but schools are exempt from this law. The Murray School District requires face masks be worn in it’s schools until July 1. The band must comply with the School District’s requirement. Any band member who will not wear a face mask and does not provide a doctor’s medical exemption may not participate with the band at this time.
A signed COVID-19 Liability Waiver will be required by each band member.